The Kyngdom Organizer has been featured in both Psychology Today and Inc. Magazine.

Psychology Today: Two Life-Changing Concepts For Success and Well-Being

Evans uses this framework to create healthy boundaries in his life. He does this to ensure his priorities don’t get out of control. He does this not only to maintain order in his life but also, from his perspective, when his First and Second Kyngdoms are flourishing, he believes he can be inspired in all other areas of his life. He attributes the success of his writing career, his family, and his other endeavors to striving to live this concept to the best of his abilities.

Inc. Magazine: The Next Big Thing in Professional Planners Is Personal

Thus, this planner isn’t necessarily throwing away productivity and time management, per se. Rather than asking, “How much can I get done?” which is the question of most productivity tools, the Kyngdom Organizer first asks, “What should get done?”

What matters most?

This is potentially the first productivity tool that puts productivity in proper perspective. If your life is out of order, then productivity will be sporadic or non-existent.