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Kyngdom Organizer provides three different subscription levels to help you magnify your life.

$ 17
+$25 Signup Fee
$200 / month value

A full year of Kyngdom Organizer materials, including monthly online 5 Kyngdoms training.

  • Kyngdom Organizer deluxe binder with one year of pages/tabs
  • Membership in 5 Kyngdoms Community™
  • Weekly Magnification Call
  • Monthly Live VIP Mentor Call
  • 5 Lessons Wealth Training (12 recorded Courses)
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Business Builder
$ 45
+$49 Signup Fee
$500 / month value

All of the benefits of Membership, plus the ability to earn commissions as an Affiliate.

  • All of the Member benefits PLUS
  • Additional Organizer Business Builder tabs
  • Replicated Business Website
  • Weekly Live Online Business Training (from top sales and leadership experts)
  • Monthly Live Online 5 Lessons Wealth Training with bestseliing author Richard Paul Evans
  • Commissions on subscriptions
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As a Affiliate
$ 99
+$199 Signup Fee
$1,000+ / month value

All of the benefits of Affiliate, plus earn while teaching others the 5 Kyngdoms philosophy.

  • All of the Affiliate benefits PLUS
  • Organizer Influencer Tabs
  • Live training from World-Class Mentors:
    • Author/Publishing
    • Ask-an-Agent(literary)
    • Bloggin
    • Life Coaching
    • Mastermind Group Creation
    • Online Course Development
    • Podcast
    • Public Speaking
    • Social Media
    • Stage Power
    • YouTube
  • Expanded commissions on team subscriptions
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As an Executive