Magnify Your Life

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Get Your Organizer

The Kyngdom Organizer Starter Kit includes a premium binder, tabs, and daily sheets. Everything you need to Magnify Your Life.

Order Your Yearly Refill

The Yearly Refill includes 365 daily pages plus the weekly, monthly, and yearly pages you need for another year of magnifying your life.

Achieve Your Dreams

Live the life you want. Break down your dreams into managable daily tasks. Work on your dreams while you live your life.

Develop Healthy Relationships

Identify and build the relationships that make life worth living. Build healthy boundaries with all your relationships.

Self Development

Do you treat yourself like someone you love? Learn to focus on you with daily tasks that emphasize self care.

Develop Your Career

Learn to create meaningful connections and surround yourself with relationships that enhance your productivity.

What are the 5 Kyngdoms?

The 5 Kyngdoms is a modern take on an ancient philosophy. Identifying your Kyngdoms and who is in each of them helps you understand the sources of the joy and the pain you experience everyday. Focusing on each of the Kyngdoms in order provides a framework for living a magnified life.

Who Is the Kyngdom Organizer For?

The Kyngdom Organizer was created by Bestselling author Richard Paul Evans as a tool to help you live the 5 Kyngdoms philosophy everyday. It is used by hundreds of men and women just like you. From busy CEOs to full time parents the people who use the organizer report increased productivity and more joy than they have ever experienced. 

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